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16/09/18 – Halloween is coming…

Take The Exit Blog

Halloween has got us spooked already! We’ve opened an extra time space for 11:30pm on Wednesday 31st October for those of you brave enough to try our Doll House late at night!

But be quick! We are anticipating a very busy night and with some bookings already being filled, you better book your Halloween escape room now here.

It’s been a continuous busy few days here at Take The Exit HQ with our opening day just a few days ago – and we’d like to thank everyone who has been to Take The Exit and tried our escape rooms in Hull. We’d to thank anyone who has made a future booking with Take The Exit & we will look forward to seeing you soon!

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback for Doll House and hope to improve the room further. Many of you are excited for us to open another room – Trials of Osiris has been delayed unfortunately. More details will be available very soon!

There will be more announcements on our other rooms soon too – so keep an eye out on our social media pages – search for @HullTakeTheExit or type Take The Exit Hull to find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We use hashtag #TakeTheExit on the majority of our posts.


14/09/18 – We are now open!

Take The Exit Blog

Opening day is finally here! It’s taken a lot of hard work to get our Escape Room up and running. We are thankful for all the help, support and well wishers who have played a part in helping us get Take The Exit open.

We have bookings available, simply check our live booking system here

Hope to see you at Take The Exit very soon!

08/09/18 – Just 6 days until we open!

Take The Exit Hull

In just 6 days, we will open our doors for the first time!

While we are still preparing the room, busily ensuring it’s the best it can be, The Doll House will be opening on Friday 14th September and we cannot wait for customers to come see what we’ve been up to!

We are very grateful to all customers who have made a booking with us, for those who haven’t and you wish to book Take The Exit‘s Doll House, visit our booking page here

It’s been a long process of not only designing the room and it’s puzzles, but also as a business – our aim to ensure our Escape Rooms in Hull match the high quality and standard of existing escape rooms in Hull whilst also bringing something different at the same time has been very time consuming. Everything has been designed by ourselves, from this website to the logo, the posters and decorating the rooms too. We hope our love, enthusiasm and passion comes across.

We cannot wait to see you all at Take The Exit very soon – should you need anything, pop us an email: info@taketheexit.co.uk


06/09/18 – We’re in the Hull Daily Mail!

Take The Exit is now in the Hull Daily Mail! We are very thankful for the support, if you’d like to read the article, visit:


02/09/18 – Christmas is coming to Take The Exit…

Take The Exit Blog

Is it acceptable to say the C word yet? We know it’s only September, but we need to plan ahead! Take The Exit Christmas escape room is coming

We are so close to finishing our escape rooms that we are already thinking of more we can bring to you! With Christmas fast approaching, we would like to open a pop up Christmas escape room from December onwards. We are planning to make the room with a special Christmas theme that will appeal to kids both big and small… but you will need to be quick, as we anticipate this room will sell out and will be only for a very limited time!

More details will be unveiled soon, along with booking dates – should you wish to pre-book, send us an email: info@taketheexit.co.uk along with details of party size, dates and time.

A Christmas escape room in the magical Old Town of Hull – what more could you need?


25/08/18 – Which is more important?

Take The Exit BlogAs we continue working hard to get our rooms ready, we’ve been thinking – which is more important to you – as a customer – the story or the puzzles in an escape room?

While the best escape games will incorporate the two with a nice themed bow on top, we wanted to make sure our rooms have a good balance of each. (and hope you will see this when you join us – book here)

It’s pretty easy to come up with different ideas for escape rooms as a concept – a family member suggested a water themed room (?!) but maybe not thought the idea fully through. How would it work? Would it last an hour? Why are people locked in?

We value any suggestions or ideas, but the point we are trying to make, is, we have had many ideas for our rooms but have had to think of the theme, how puzzles tie into the theme and if it was possible to actually create the room.

All we can say is Take The Exit Hull is coming sooner than you think and you’ll be able to see for yourselves!

20/08/18 – Escape The Room?

We are extremely busy getting our rooms ready  and have also working hard to market our rooms. It got us thinking, for those of you who aren’t sure what an Escape Room is, how would you seek one out? What would you call it?

Many call them escape rooms, but have been called Exit Games, exit rooms, escape the rooms and more. Which would you say? We came up with Take The Exit to stand out from our competition. We didn’t want to confuse customers with another escape room in Hull with a similar name.Take The Exit Blog

The easiest way for us to describe our rooms to new players, is to mention the TV Show, The Crystal Maze. Except, our rooms are  timed at 60 minutes to escape from. Not 2 or 3 minutes, like in the show. And our rooms are focused more on puzzles rather than physical tasks.

So maybe we aren’t like The Crystal Maze at all. (But we do love it still!)

When are we opening?

It’s a question we are getting a lot lately – and all we can say is, soon. We are still working on our rooms, so unable to give a fixed date for opening. However, Take The Exit has taken pre-bookings already! So if you have a date in mind, along with group size and which room, send us a message, an email (info@taketheexit.co.uk) and we shall pencil you in!

Take The Exit will be opening soon in Hull and we can’t wait for you to try it!


17/08/18 – Our First Take The Exit Blog post

Here is the first Take The Exit blog! We have been working extremely hard to ensure our rooms are the best Escape Rooms in Hull and are so close to announcing when we will be opening… Watch this space.

It’s been a long process already but through all of our hard work, we know that it will be worth it, when people can enjoy our rooms when we do open.Take The Exit blog

Should you want to know more about our business, you can find Take The Exit’s about page here

Independent and proud

As an independent startup business, we are proud to say we are not part of any chain or any franchise and have created our rooms to be unique.

We have worked hard to setup a business with little funding and our main business ethos is to keep everything we can local. The majority of our props, items as well as all furniture are purchased from local businesses in Hull.

We will continue to work with local businesses, buying from independents / charities and anything we can do to support the local community in Hull.

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There are lots planned for the future of Take The Exit and we hope everyone who have liked our business page, shared or commented will continue to support us on our journey and in return, we hope to create lasting experiences of our Escape Room games unlike anywhere else.

Happy escaping and we hope to see you soon!

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