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15/05/19 – Just a quick update on our latest escape room, The Chapel – we are still working hard on the escape room and hope to provide a date when you can book in very soon!

20/04/19 – We’ve just announced our New room – The Chapel…. More details will be coming soon!

Pray For Your Escape From The Chapel Escape Room Coming Soon!

06/04/19 – We will be closed from Sunday 7th April – and we will re-open on Wednesday 10th April. You can still book in, during this time for either of our rooms for later dates here. We will have limited access to emails / messages and calls during this time. We needed to take our own exit away for a few days 🙂

16/03/19 – Codename:Exit Is Now Open! Be Sure To Book, Agents…

Codename: Exit Escape room Is Open!

Our new room, Codename: Exit is now open! We’ve worked hard to bring you a new escape room that is completely different to DollHouse.

You can book online here

02/03/19 – Codename: Exit Escape Room Is Launching March 16th!

Which Agents Will Be First To Make It In Our Hall Of Fame?!

Yes ! Codename: Exit Escape Room will launch March 16th! We hope you Agents are ready as this one is spy themed and all isn’t as it seems… You are tasked with bringing down Silver Inc – an evil corporation intent on destroying the world! You need to break into their offices, steal crucial evidence and escape within the time limit of 60 minutes. The room is family friendly but does have a few more difficult puzzles to solve. Will you be able to #TakeTheExit in time?

Bookings now being taken, simply visit: our booking page here

02/02/19 – Our New Room Is Coming, Prepare Yourself, Escape Agents!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a spy?

We Know you’ve been waiting patiently for more escape rooms in Hull – we are pleased to announce our new room, Codename: Exit!

The new escape room will be spy themed but we aren’t giving any more details than that yet. We will announce more information about our new escape room – very soon. Check back here for updates or on our social media pages – @hulltaketheexit

27/01/19 – DollHouse & More To Come

Take The Exit Blog
Our DollHouse has had over 100 positive reviews!

While we know many of you are still waiting for new escape rooms in Hull, we still have DollHouse open for those who haven’t tried it yet!

We are working on our new escape rooms for you to escape from – more information will be released soon. Be sure to check out our teaser video on social media (@HullTakeTheExit) we hope to give a better update soon…. We are very proud to say that DollHouse has had over 100 reviews and lots of wonderful feedback from our customers. We hope to improve DollHouse based on any feedback.

18/01/19 – A Quick Message From Take The Exit

Just a quick one from us – we’ve just put a new video on our Facebook page – What can it all mean?

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/HullTakeTheExit

29/12/18 – Happy New Year

Take The exit blog
Wishing you all a Happy New Year

We would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year from all of us at Take The Exit! We’ve had a fantastic 2018 & can’t thank all of our customers for their support & the people of Hull for their support also. There are plenty of new surprises coming in 2019 so be sure to check back soon! Wishing you all the best for 2019 – Take The Exit

14/12/18 – Our Christmas Opening Times 

03/12/18 – A new Escape Room is coming soon!

Take The Exit Blog

While we are still working on our Egyptian themed escape room, Trials Of Osiris, we are also working on another Escape Room, Hull – but we are finding it hard to keep quiet about it!We announce everything on our social media pages, @HullTaketheExit as well as here, so be sure to keep an eye out! We are super excited and can’t wait to tell you more…In the meantime, we still have our current Escape Rooms, DollHouse (our horror themed escape room) and Santa’s Workshop (our Christmas themed escape room) for you to try!Santa’s Workshop is our pop up escape room Hull, so be sure to book it before it closes at the end of December! It’s the perfect escape game, to do with kids or as a family or just something to do in Hull for Christmas.As Christmas will soon be here, our last opening day will be Christmas Eve (almost all slots have been booked already) and we shall re-open Friday 28th December.We are working hard to open more rooms, to improve on the rooms we already have, to make Take The Exit an attraction Hull can be proud of!

TTE23/11/18 – Give the gift of Escaping for Christmas

Take The Exit Blog

As you’ve probably guessed with our new Escape Room, Santa’s Workshop – we love Christmas here at Take The Exit! If you’re fed up of looking for a different sort of gift this year, why not buy a gift voucher? Not only do they make an quirky and awesome gift – you could invite yourself along too!To purchase a gift voucher, simply visit our booking page, hereYou can even gift a game to someone – simply pick a game, select a time & a date and book through our usual booking page – & send over to the recipient’s email address! How cool is that?Santa’s Workshop is booking up fast, especially in the run up to Christmas – so make sure you don’t forget to book it, before it’s gone by the New Year.Since opening, we have been very fortunate to have had many wonderful customers & glad so many people have enjoyed their time with us at Take The Exit. Our Escape Room Hull has had many visitors and now we have 2 Escape Rooms open – we have had lots of returning customers, which is wonderful.We are currently hard at work on our new unannounced room – as well as Trials of Osiris. We will reveal more to you very soon!

TTE16/11/18 – Santa’s Workshop is open tomorrow!

We are very pleased and excited to say Santa’s Workshop opens tomorrow (17/11/18) & can’t wait for you to come and try it! It’s been a lot of hard work, though you need to be quick to book – it closes just after Christmas.

Take The Exit Blog

Santa’s Workshop Escape Room in Hull is family friendly – we hope kids both big and small will all get involved to help Santa save Christmas!But bookings are filling up fast, so if you want to experience the magic of our Live Escape Room Christmas themed experience – visit our booking page hereIf you are in the Christmas spirit, why not book our awesome new offer with Dirty Dick’s? You can try either of our Escape Games – DollHouse or Santa’s Workshop along with a starter, a main and a cocktail – all for just £30pp! Ideal for a Christmas party or an awesome night out! To find out more, or to book this awesome offer, click hereWe are working hard to make Take The Exit one of the most exciting live escape game experiences, hopefully to provide something different, an escape room attraction to the wonderful Old Town in Hull.

TTE31/10/18 – Santa’s Workshop is still coming!

Take The Exit Blog

Santa’s been a little bit delayed we are sorry to announce – Santa’s Workshop Christmas themed escape room was due to launch on 02/11/18 but will now open a week later.This is so we can continue tweaking the room to ensure it’s the best it can be for launch!While it’s only Halloween, a lot of customers have already booked Santa’s Workshop – this will be running until Christmas Eve before it will be changed over into another pop up escape room!Make sure you book before it’s too late – and we will continue working hard to ensure the room is the best and Christmas room it can be !TTE

21/10/18 – Do’s and Don’ts for Escape Room

Not everyone has done an escape room before. While the majority of our customers have tried other escape rooms in Hull as well as further afield, we thought it may be a good idea to come up with a quick guide to help players: 

Take The Exit Blog

Things you should Do in our Escape Rooms at Take The Exit:

  • Check your booking date & time – you should have received a confirmation email. If not, simply call us on 07761540375 or email info@taketheexit.co.uk
  •  Arrive before your booking is due to start – we ask all customers to arrive before their booking is due to start – usually 10 or 15 minutes before hand. This is because we need to brief teams before and also, to help answer any questions you may have before the game starts as well.
  • Wear comfortable clothes – while there aren’t any overly physical parts to our games, you should wear something comfortable to help you play.
  • Have fun! This is your game, so be sure to enjoy it!

A couple of don’ts:

  • Arrive late – this is very important as not only will it effect your game, but others too. Each slot is booked every hour and a half –  meaning other groups will book in directly after your slot – if you arrive late, then their game will be late too.
  • Drink before arriving – while we don’t want to stop anyone having a good time, if you are intoxicated or rude to any of our staff, you will be asked to leave without a refund. Save drinking for after the game has finished!
  • Assume anything before hand – if you aren’t sure, or have any questions, feel free to ask.

We hope everyone enjoys their games and should you have any questions, or feel unsure – simply email us: info@taketheexit.co.uk or call us on 07761540375TTE

15/10/18 – Team Building / Corporate Away Days

Take The Exit Blog

Did you know at Take The Exit we can accommodate corporate bookings or team building days? Book something different that will really get teams thinking, working together and ultimately, having fun!

You can find more information about booking Take The Exit and booking your corporate away day here or simply email us – info@taketheexit.co.ukWe can cater to your business needs – whether your business is SME or larger, we offer great rates for a great day! Our central location makes is ideal for celebratory drinks or food after.Escape Rooms are brilliant ways to bring teams closer together, get everyone involved and provide a fun, alternative away day that’s memorable. We can book rooms every hour and a half – so teams could be split working for the best times, or even book the whole day for several teams to attempt our rooms!If you are wanting to book a corporate away day, a team building project or even Christmas works parties, email us info@taketheexit.co.ukTTE

08/10/18 – Liked Doll House and Take The Exit?

Take The Exit Blog

Consider sharing your review!

Take The Exit escape room Hull has been open less than a month and we are very fortunate to have had so many wonderful customers already – we’ve had excellent feedback when asked how their experience of our Doll House Escape Room was – we just need you to review us!To do so, it’s super easy – you can click here to leave a google review which will only take a minute or two! We are an independent business and rely on reviews / word of mouth to help spread the word about Take The Exit and our Escape Rooms in Hull.You can also review our live escape games in Hull on Facebook: hereOr review tour escape room Hull experience on Trip Advisor: hereAny feedback or reviews are greatly appreciated and helps us as a business. If you are unsure, or need help, send us an email us anytime and we will be happy to help : info@taketheexit.co.ukThank you and see you soon at Take The Exit!TTE

05/10/18: Now 3 weeks since our Escape Room Opened For The First Time…

Take The Exit blog

3 weeks have now gone by since Take The Exit has opened its doors. We’ve been extremely lucky to have had many customers in that time already and had wonderful feedback from everyone about our Doll House escape room Hull.We’ve got another busy weekend ahead at Take The Exit, but some slots are still available if you wanted to book, you can do so by clicking here.Bit of news in regard’s to our pop up Escape Room Hull, Santa’s Workshop – it is now starting to take shape and will be ready for when it launches on November 2nd! Be sure to book – it’ll only be open a few months!More news – our Egyptian themed Escape Room Hull, Trials Of Osiris has had some major steps forward and is also taking shape. However, we are holding back the release date for the Escape Room, as we want it to be the best Egyptian themed Escape Room in Hull! More info coming soon…We have other rooms planned, but won’t be giving anything away yet. You’ll just have to wait and see :)Hope to see you at Take The Exit, very soon.TTE

27/09/18 – 2 weeks since we opened!

Take The Exit Blog

It’s crazy how time flies – Take The Exit has now been open for 2 weeks! We’ve had a lot of support from the lovely people of Hull and can’t thank you all enough!This weekend is set to be our busiest yet – with all bookings filled on Saturday. You can find our live escape room Hull times here for any slots that are still available.We listen to each of our customer’s opinions – ensuring Doll House is the best it can be. We’ve made many changes to the room and will continue to do so. We hope our escape rooms in Hull are the best they can be. We aim to spook our customers, but also make their time with us enjoyable.There are so many plans we have for Take The Exit – be sure to stay tuned to find out more.TTE

23/09/18 – Santa’s Workshop opens 2nd Nov!

Take The Exit Blog

Do you hear that faint jingle of bells? We sure do! And we know who it might be – our Christmas themed pop up Escape room named Santa’s Workshop is launching 2nd November! Be sure to book before it’s gone….As with all good things, Santa’s Workshop will be available only for a limited time – from Friday 2nd November, up to Christmas so be quick and get booked in!We’ve made our Christmas escape room in Hull so it would suit families of all ages – both big kids and small. We can be nice sometimes, not just scary…The great thing is, our Santa’s Workshop can host up to 8 people and is only £10 per person. Perfect for work Christmas parties or corporate bookings.To book, simply visit our booking page hereOr should you need any information email us : info@taketheexit.co.ukHopefully those of you wanting to book won’t be on the naughty list!TTE

20/09/18 – We’ve been open a week!

Take The Exit Blog

Well, as of tomorrow at least! It’s flown by and we can’t thank everyone who has come to see us, booked Doll House, or commented on any of Take The Exit’s posts on social media.To celebrate, we’ve got a special announcement on 21/09/18 at 6pm. Be sure to visit our social media pages to find out more!We want to keep improving our escape rooms, so all feedback is greatly appreciated – as are any reviews. If you have visited Take The Exit and enjoyed your experience – let others know! You can find Take The Exit on Google Reviews, TripAdvisor and Facebook rating too!Hopefully we can continue to receive your support and make Take The Exit Hull the best escape room games that can be!TTE 

16/09/18 – Halloween is coming…

Take The Exit Blog

Halloween has got us spooked already! We’ve opened an extra time space for 11:30pm on Wednesday 31st October for those of you brave enough to try our Doll House late at night!But be quick! We are anticipating a very busy night and with some bookings already being filled, you better book your Halloween escape room now here.It’s been a continuous busy few days here at Take The Exit HQ with our opening day just a few days ago – and we’d like to thank everyone who has been to Take The Exit and tried our escape rooms in Hull. We’d to thank anyone who has made a future booking with Take The Exit & we will look forward to seeing you soon!We’ve had a lot of positive feedback for Doll House and hope to improve the room further. Many of you are excited for us to open another room – Trials of Osiris has been delayed unfortunately. More details will be available very soon!There will be more announcements on our other rooms soon too – so keep an eye out on our social media pages – search for @HullTakeTheExit or type Take The Exit Hull to find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We use hashtag #TakeTheExit on the majority of our posts.TTE

14/09/18 – We are now open!

Take The Exit Blog

Opening day is finally here! It’s taken a lot of hard work to get our Escape Room up and running. We are thankful for all the help, support and well wishers who have played a part in helping us get Take The Exit open.We have bookings available, simply check our live booking system here Hope to see you at Take The Exit very soon!

08/09/18 – Just 6 days until we open!

Take The Exit Hull

In just 6 days, we will open our doors for the first time!

While we are still preparing the room, busily ensuring it’s the best it can be, The Doll House will be opening on Friday 14th September and we cannot wait for customers to come see what we’ve been up to!We are very grateful to all customers who have made a booking with us, for those who haven’t and you wish to book Take The Exit‘s Doll House, visit our booking page hereIt’s been a long process of not only designing the room and it’s puzzles, but also as a business – our aim to ensure our Escape Rooms in Hull match the high quality and standard of existing escape rooms in Hull whilst also bringing something different at the same time has been very time consuming. Everything has been designed by ourselves, from this website to the logo, the posters and decorating the rooms too. We hope our love, enthusiasm and passion comes across.We cannot wait to see you all at Take The Exit very soon – should you need anything, pop us an email: info@taketheexit.co.ukTTE

06/09/18 – We’re in the Hull Daily Mail!

Take The Exit is now in the Hull Daily Mail! We are very thankful for the support, if you’d like to read the article, visit:https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/hulls-scariest-ever-escape-rooms-1974856

02/09/18 – Christmas is coming to Take The Exit…

Take The Exit Blog

Is it acceptable to say the C word yet? We know it’s only September, but we need to plan ahead! Take The Exit Christmas escape room is comingWe are so close to finishing our escape rooms that we are already thinking of more we can bring to you! With Christmas fast approaching, we would like to open a pop up Christmas escape room from December onwards. We are planning to make the room with a special Christmas theme that will appeal to kids both big and small… but you will need to be quick, as we anticipate this room will sell out and will be only for a very limited time!More details will be unveiled soon, along with booking dates – should you wish to pre-book, send us an email: info@taketheexit.co.uk along with details of party size, dates and time.A Christmas escape room in the magical Old Town of Hull – what more could you need?TTE

25/08/18 – Which is more important?

Take The Exit Blog

As we continue working hard to get our rooms ready, we’ve been thinking – which is more important to you – as a customer – the story or the puzzles in an escape room?While the best escape games will incorporate the two with a nice themed bow on top, we wanted to make sure our rooms have a good balance of each. (and hope you will see this when you join us – book here)It’s pretty easy to come up with different ideas for escape rooms as a concept – a family member suggested a water themed room (?!) but maybe not thought the idea fully through. How would it work? Would it last an hour? Why are people locked in?We value any suggestions or ideas, but the point we are trying to make, is, we have had many ideas for our rooms but have had to think of the theme, how puzzles tie into the theme and if it was possible to actually create the room.All we can say is Take The Exit Hull is coming sooner than you think and you’ll be able to see for yourselves!

20/08/18 – Escape The Room?

We are extremely busy getting our rooms ready  and have also working hard to market our rooms. It got us thinking, for those of you who aren’t sure what an Escape Room is, how would you seek one out? What would you call it?Many call them escape rooms, but have been called Exit Games, exit rooms, escape the rooms and more. Which would you say? We came up with Take The Exit to stand out from our competition. We didn’t want to confuse customers with another escape room in Hull with a similar name.

Take The Exit Blog

The easiest way for us to describe our rooms to new players, is to mention the TV Show, The Crystal Maze. Except, our rooms are  timed at 60 minutes to escape from. Not 2 or 3 minutes, like in the show. And our rooms are focused more on puzzles rather than physical tasks.So maybe we aren’t like The Crystal Maze at all. (But we do love it still!)

When are we opening?

It’s a question we are getting a lot lately – and all we can say is, soon. We are still working on our rooms, so unable to give a fixed date for opening. However, Take The Exit has taken pre-bookings already! So if you have a date in mind, along with group size and which room, send us a message, an email (info@taketheexit.co.uk) and we shall pencil you in!Take The Exit will be opening soon in Hull and we can’t wait for you to try it!

17/08/18 – Our First Take The Exit Blog post

Here is the first Take The Exit blog! We have been working extremely hard to ensure our rooms are the best Escape Rooms in Hull and are so close to announcing when we will be opening… Watch this space.It’s been a long process already but through all of our hard work, we know that it will be worth it, when people can enjoy our rooms when we do open.

Take The Exit blog

Should you want to know more about our business, you can find Take The Exit’s about page here

Independent and proud

As an independent startup business, we are proud to say we are not part of any chain or any franchise and have created our rooms to be unique.We have worked hard to setup a business with little funding and our main business ethos is to keep everything we can local. The majority of our props, items as well as all furniture are purchased from local businesses in Hull.We will continue to work with local businesses, buying from independents / charities and anything we can do to support the local community in Hull.

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Our Take The Exit Blog will be updated twice weekly. For more updates:Keep updated with any news via our Facebook page, we are also on Twitter and Instagram too – simply search for @HullTakeTheExit or use the hashtag #TakeTheExitThere are lots planned for the future of Take The Exit and we hope everyone who have liked our business page, shared or commented will continue to support us on our journey and in return, we hope to create lasting experiences of our Escape Room games unlike anywhere else.Happy escaping and we hope to see you soon!Should you need anything at all, feel free to contact us below:

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