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Escape Photos – Hall Of Fame

Escape Photos – HALL OF FAME!

At Take The Exit we have a high escape room rates:

DollHouse Escape Room: 87% Escape Rate

Codename:Exit Escape Room: 43% Escape Rate

Congratulations to all of those who have managed to escape at Take The Exit!

Below are our exceptional teams who have escaped with exceptional times! Check out Escape Photos HALL OF FAME:

Escape Photos Escape Photos       Escape Photos Escape PhotosEscape PhotosEscape Photos

Think you have what it takes to beat these times? Then book your Take The Exit Escape Room Game here

Best Times for Take The Exit:

DollHouse:  26:12 – 11/03/19

Santa’s Workshop: 25 Presents 17/11/18

Codename: Exit: 48:55 – 17/03/19

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